Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today, Tomorrow, and Forever

There is always so much emphasis on tomorrow and saving money.  There is some emphasis put on today just because you are living it.  There is never much emphasis put on forever.

What do you want in your forever?  How hard are you truly trying to make a difference in today to make it count in your forever.  I want to truly make each and every day count so that I can store up for the future of my existence in the right areas.  Such as the treasures of Heaven not my 401K savings.  I know the Bible tells us to love one another, and be kind.

We now live in a society that trying to be kind to others can be truly dangerous.  I have talked to plenty of people that say they get scared and intimidated by other people.  My thought on this is that if God wants you to help the people that he puts in front of you to help then there is nothing to be scared of.  Use you brain right, well who designed it?  Please do not let intimidation discourage you from helping others.

God wants us to truly try.  He wants us to put ourselves out there somewhere, anywhere, but just do it is his motto.  Do your best to give your fear to him and try to help others and I deeply 100% promise that God is with you in this.  Our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ is known by the good and the evil.  There is fear in the name of Jesus.  So use it.  Use your hands and feet for him as he used his entire existence on this earth for you and died upon the cross and then rose again to show his LOVE!

LUKE 22:42
"Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done!"

No matter where your at or what you doing always know with good, honest true faith, God is actually leading the way for us all.  Give up the burdens and stress to him and in his Awesome Grace and Mercy his way shines through all of our little tiny darkness that seems huge to us.


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