Saturday, February 26, 2011


As I am sitting here playing on the computer instead of cleaning my house I hear the song I Can I Only Imagine by Mercy Me.

What a wonderful thing to think about.  How will act when you get to meet the Lord Jesus Christ or our Father of all?  Are you ready? 

Wow we also have to remember how we have the Holy Spirit of God with us here and now to help us each and every day.  How grateful I want to be each and every day to know that no matter how many times I walk into the brick wall in front of me because I am trying to do it my way and not his way.  I can only imagine how this free will we have been given can only make God laugh sometimes up there to wonder how many times it takes for us to listen. 

I am truly so thankful to have so many friends to help me avoid the 2nd and 3rd time into the brick wall that seems to be in front of me.  I know that God wants us to truly be happy here on earth. 

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  1. That's have to go through the wall...not around it :) And remember that "Man plans and God laughs". I love your blog!!